The Aviator (my take)

The secret appears to be less Cointreau like whoa and more Violette to

Ice Plant

It's hard to hate invasive species when they're so darned cool
looking. But I try.


World's Most In-Demand Ice Cream

We're waiting in line at Ici. They're very popular. We will be here a
while, but that's okay because we're still full from dinner.


The Perfect Saturday Afternoon

Enjoying the end of a glorious day with beer & books in the back yard.


Dinner with the Desrocheseses.

At Sofia Cafe, before seeing Slumdog. It's so nice of you guys to
amuse me when Josh is otherwise engaged.

Wacky Tree

On campus. California continues to be weird.


Want some foam in your coffee?

It's called a cup-o-kino and wait 'til you see what it costs!

Crystal Clear Skies

It's a clear spring day in the Bay. The view from the rose garden on my way in.


My Penelope Impression

Turns out this sleeve was too long. Ten lace repeats too long. So the
sleeve cap shaping and the offending rows have been removed. And the
odyssey that is this sweater continues.


Calla Lilies

A little treat from the Farmer's Market. Four 2-foot stalks for $3. At
our wedding callas were going to set us back $10 PER STALK.

Long Lunch

I celebrated the most productive week I've had in a long time with a
lunchtime trip to the Old Oakland Farmer's Market.


Sun! In Berkeley!

The view from my office window.


The (Very Grand) Graduate Student Lounge

In Stephens Hall. It's a nice place to work when you need to be away from the Internet. Today I am here to edit a paper. Bonus: I get silent camaraderie with graduate students from other disciplines.

Egregious Use of Quotation Marks

In Stephens Hall on campus.


Tim Cheers Me Up


Machinal Opens

At the Brava. I thought it was wonderful.

Blossoms (for Mom)

The tree two doors down from our house. It's been blooming for weeks.


Lunch, Far From Campus

It lifts my spirits considerably on a day when science inexplicably

A Tree Person!

Outside my office window this morning. Not the quietest operation, as
you might imagine.


Lunch at Pomelo

Sutro Tower

The Designer and His Set

Josh at the Brava, where Machinal is in tech.


For a Change

A table so clean you can see your reflection.

More Evidence of Spring in Berkeley

Fennel at the Farmer’s Market. Straight to salad.


Hark! Spring Approacheth!

The first sun of the year that reached my office. The north-facing window makes for a dreary winter, but today these rays gave me hope.

After a Long and Desperate Search

Found, used, for $9, at Moe’s. After five bookstores in two cities.

Sunny Friday Afternoon

With every new iPhone comes the inevitable photo blog.